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Inter-School Alumni Sports Spirit

RIS alumni recently gathered for a fun-filled afternoon at NIST’s 2018 Alumni Sports Day on Saturday, October 27, 2018. As with previous years, schools participating included NIST, Bangkok Patana, ISB, and RIS. This year’s sports day featured football, volleyball, and basketball games between the four schools, with inter-changing matches from 1:00 pm all the way to 7:00 p.m. 

Alumni Sports Day is an opportunity for Bangkok’s close-knit international school community to reconnect and bond. “I’m still pretty active with sports, and I like to get together with old friends,” shares Collen Steinbring, RIS Class of 2001 and a frequent supporter of alumni sports events. Laughing, he adds: “Plus, I like to relive the SEASAC glory days!”

Although the alumni attending the games tend to be from the late ‘90s or the 2000s onwards, the events draw a diverse range of alumni players. In this year’s tournament, for example, an RIS alumnus who graduated in the 80s joined in. Now in its fourth year, the alumni-exclusive event continues to grow and diversify. ‘“Both guys and girls are welcome [to join in the games],” Collen adds. “Or to just come watch and cheer.” 

Although RIS alumni didn’t fare so well this year, alumni from the other schools concede that the games are all in good fun and not meant to be taken too seriously. RIS was low on players in certain matches this year, but they were in good spirits and humor and did the best they could. “We were lacking in volleyball players!” shares Dontree Riangkrul, RIS Class of 2013, laughing. “The basketball guys had to switch between volleyball and basketball during halftimes!” 

Alumni Sports Day may be over but the friendly competition among BPS, ISB, NIST and RIS alumni still continues. “More serious” matches have been arranged; the first being a basketball-only tournament at NIST on December 8, 2018. Considering RIS took home the trophy in a previous year, our alumni are hopeful. But even if they don’t win, they’re just happy to get together and play for their school once again. If you’re around the area, don’t forget to show your support for RIS and go cheer!