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Mealworms, Caterpillars, and Moths! OH MY!

–By Jennie Thompson–

This semester, the second grade has been investigating lots of different insects during their science classes. They have learned all about the body structures of mealworms, caterpillars, and silkworm moths. Additionally, our students have witnessed the life cycles of these bugs from egg to adult. Students cared for the insects as the bugs ate their way through their eggs, devoured leaves as larvae, and metamorphosed into their adult forms.

As a culminating project to demonstrate their learning, the second graders were challenged to design their own insect (real or imaginary) out of recyclable materials. We invited all of the elementary students and teachers to vote for their favorites. Students from all grade levels participated in the action, and the winners are in!

Thea Eliza Matei from Ms. Supen’s 2-1 class won for her glittery butterfly, and Sky (Sudfah) Rattanaveroj from Ms. Jennie’s 2-2 class won for his colorful caterpillar. Congratulations to the winners and to ALL of the second graders for their CREATIVITY, RESOURCEFULNESS, and KNOWLEDGE!