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Minburi Night Shoots with Bouquet

RIS alumna and film director Bouquet Napussorn Somlit recently visited the RIS Minburi campus on December 20, 2018, to film her latest short, an existential piece about a young woman, Tortun, who believes she is haunted by her late grandmother. Amidst the post-modern scenery of a crowded and buzzing Bangkok, Tortun is “inevitably stuck in time and memory.”  

Filming took place after hours in the Phoenix Gym and at Phoenix Pool, which Bouquet described as “so cinematic” now.  Bouquet, currently enrolled at the School of Visual Arts in New York, was also joined on set by her fellow alumni from the Class of 2015, Tah Natpasit Kijkornphan and Numchuem Champrasit, who were actors in the film. The as-yet untitled short film is due for release later this year, and a grateful Bouquet hopes she’ll get to show her latest work to the RIS community. 

Behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Phil Siripatvanich: