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Parent Coffee Talks

HS Counseling Office – November 29, 2021 –

Join the HS Counseling team, Mr. Nathan (HS Assistant Principal), Ms. Nicole (IB Coordinator) and Ms. Pavla (AP Coordinator) on Monday, November 29 at 1:30 p.m. for a deeper dive into the university application process and an opportunity to ask questions about course selection for the next academic year.

Counselors will discuss the nuts and bolts of the university application process, the role of essays and supplementals, and how external testing fits into your students’ plan. A recording will be available.

Meeting ID: 999 2765 6008


Raising Linguistically Diverse Children – December 3, 2021 –

Pre-K to Grade 2 parents – Join our RIS ELD experts on Friday, December 3 at 8:00 a.m. for a discussion on raising children that speak multiple languages. Learn strategies to support your child’s unique needs by building a language rich environment at home. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to reflect on your own Mother Tongue and how that influences your child’s language development. Let’s chat!

Understanding the Teenage Brain – November 19, 2021 –

Adolescents and teens can be unpredictable. We often ask ourselves, what is happening in their brains? Thanks to recent developments in neuroscience, we have some answers that help us to understand them more clearly. 

MS Counselor Mr. Andy Krauthoefer presents the Middle School Parent Coffee Talk, Understanding the Teenage Brain, and discusses the incredible potential—and potential danger—of the teenage brain. The talk addresses the development of the brain, how it impacts choice and decision-making, and how to engage in meaningful conversations with your teen based on your understanding of where they are developmentally.