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Red Cross Committee

Official Affiliate of the Thai Youth Red Cross

The HS Red Cross Committee works to raise awareness for better health within the RIS community and outside of the school by facilitating and providing information on medical and health care services, disaster-preparedness and response; blood donation events; and quality-of-life promotion.

This year, the committee was officially accepted as an affiliate (#1825) of the Thai Youth Red Cross under the Thai Red Cross Society on September 20, 2021. Members of the committee gain experience by working closely with Thai Red Cross Youth and are able to join workshops and training programs such as CPR and First Aid, among others.

This year’s committee also plans to introduce several in-school projects. Aside from organizing their semi-annual blood drive, the committee plans to raise funds for other causes, such as relief for people afflicted by COVID-19 or natural disasters. There is also a trip planned to help in renovation efforts for the Baan Bang Pa Ra school in the province of Prachinburi.

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