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RIS at EU in Thailand Debate

The RIS Debate Team participated in the 15th EUTH (EU in Thailand National Intervarsity Debate Championship) with two teams and two judges:

Nabhat (Tod) Thurakitseree (Co25)
Jirat (Gino) Chiaranaipanich (Co25)
Phantharach (Tara) Natnithikarat (Co24)

Patthanan (Ouk) Uthaititpitak (Co27)
Priya Hirunchupong (Co27)
Kundol (Canoe) Tangruthaiwanich (Co27)

Phoom Pumipitak (Co27)
Yujun (Ethan) Sung (Co27)

The event, held at Chulalongkorn University from January 27 to 30, saw our RIS students receive the following accolades:

  • RIS 1 (High School Quarterfinalist — 41 teams total):
    • Overall team: open quarterfinalists
    • Jirat (Gino) Chiaranaipanich: 3rd-best high school speaker (out of 123 speakers)
    • Phantharach (Tara) Natnithikarat: 8th-best high school speaker
    • Nabhat (Tod) Thurakitseree: 14th-best high school speaker

  • RIS 2 (Novice High School Semifinalist – 20 teams total):
    • Overall team: novice semi-finalists
    • Kundol (Canoe) Tangruthaiwanich: 1st best novice high school speaker (out of 73 speakers)
    • Priya Hirunchupong: 4th best novice high school speaker
    • Patthanan (Ouk) Uthaititpitak: 15th best novice high school speaker
RIS Debate Team at the 15th EU in Thailand National Intervarsity Debate Championship

The tournament was sponsored by the EU delegation to Thailand with representatives from the EU giving talks at the competition. It is one of the largest tournaments in Thailand, with 41 3-person high school teams and 10 university teams. 

Congratulations to our RIS students on their achievements! The RIS Debate Team is yet to be an official RIS high school club or committee, but with stats like these, we’re sure to see even more RIS students finding their passion for debate in the near future.