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RIS at WSC 2022

Congratulations to our current 8th graders Salisa (Proud) Chotbunwong, Natprima (Wawa) Sae-Heng, and Priya Hirunchupong on winning the Super Junior Silver Medal as Team 353 at the World’s Scholar Cup – Bangkok Global Round 2022!

The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) aims to motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills, and inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders. WSC celebrates the joy of learning in a format that’s different than traditional academic competitions and conferences. At every Global Round, teams will have the chance to earn invitations to the annual Tournament of Champions at Yale University—an opportunity that’s been extended to Proud, Wawa, and Priya!

Individual Results:

Proud – Silver: 6, Gold: 3, and Trophies: 1 🏆 (Team Debate Super Junior)

Wawa – Silver: 7, Gold: 1, and Trophies: 1 🏆 (Team Debate Super Junior)

Priya – Silver: 6, Gold: 5, and Trophies: 2 🏆🏆 (Champion Scholar Super Junior Trophies & Team Debate Super Junior Trophies)

To the stars… and congrats once again to Proud, Wawa, and Priya!