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RIS Class of 1997: Water for Life

In collaboration with Rotary BKK, the Class of 1997 are proud to share the completion of their second water purification plant built at Ban Huay Nam Phu school in Prachuab Khiri Kan province, 100 kilometers south of Huahin.  Their first project, which was completed in 2018, was a class project to commemorate their 20-year graduation anniversary. 

“We find no better way to celebrate the precious education we received at RIS than by serving schools in rural Thailand,” says RIS alumnus and class valedictorian Dr. Sidharth Mahapatra. “These plants are open to not only the families of the schools but also to villagers from all surrounding villages, enabling them to afford a basic commodity, free of charge. While the first project was contributed to by all class members, the current pool of donors consist of a core group within our class.”

If you would like to connect with members of the Class of 1997 and partake in their future philanthropic projects, please reach out

Group of donors, RIS alumni: Hitesh Thakur, Dinesh Agarwal, Nitin Modi, Ameya Kaveeshwar, Souvir Bhuta, Vivek Mahapatra, Kumar Samtani, and Sidharth Mahapatra.