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RIS Libraries March Activities

March Madness

ES Students Vote in the Tournament of Books in the Elizabeth Library!

The Elizabeth Library celebrates the POP “Critical Thinking” and Student Choice by having a Tournament of Books! Every day during March, ES Students are invited to come to the library before or after school, during recess, or milk break to vote on their favorite books! 

“See the Book Bracket posted on the outside library window, and come back daily to see who won the last round!” shares Head Librarian Ms. Natalie Rector. “There are 16 books, and there will be 4 rounds of voting. So far, students have voted a total of 202 times. These 16 books were chosen because they are among the top 50 books checked out this year—and they have all been checked out 20 (or more) times!”


March 1 Voting:
Pig the Pug vs. I Just Ate My Friend. 96 students voted—Pig the Pug won this round!

Zero Discrimination Day & International Women’s Day

For all of March, the Griffith Library is celebrating Zero Discrimination Day and International Women’s Day in collaboration with the HS Student Amnesty Club and the GSA! 

Secondary students are invited to participate in the interactive display (sponsored by the Amnesty Club and the GSA) by writing and posting an empowering message and checking out library books that are on display!