ATKs required for campus access. More information here.

SAT December 4, 2021

SAT Test Day Checklist

  • Photo—on a mobile device or a paper printout—of a negative ATK result (from within 24 hours before test) 
  • Mask (bring two if you can, just in case)
  • Admission Ticket
  • Acceptable photo ID
  • Two No. 2 pencils with erasers
  • An approved calculator

December SAT Health & Safety Requirements

Test-takers must provide photo evidence on a mobile device or a paper printout of a negative ATK test result (from within 24 hours prior).

Students and staff must wear a mask when they enter the test center and throughout the duration of testing, regardless of vaccination status. You won’t be allowed into the test center unless wearing one.
You’ll be required by test centers to be seated at least 3 feet away from other students.

Students must confirm a series of statements (e.g. they don’t have COVID-19 symptoms and haven’t violated travel restrictions) prior to entering the test center or room.

Confirmation Statements

December SAT takers will need to confirm health and safety statements before entering the test center. If you feel sick or cannot confirm all these statements, stay home and contact customer service. You won’t be charged a change or cancellation fee.

  1. You do not have COVID-19 or reason to believe you have COVID-19. Symptoms of COVID-19 include cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, and recent loss of taste or smell.
  2. You agree to wear a mask the entire time you’re at this test site.
  3. You agree to follow the health and safety quidelines in place in this test site as instructed by testing staff.
    NOTE: Testing staff will follow the most stringent guidelines in effect for this site.
  4. By entering the testing center and testing room, you accept the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Although we’ve taken measures to create a safe environment, it’s impossible to remove all risk.

RIS Health Declaration Form

Download the RIS Health Declaration Form in advance here.  

Please submit your form to RIS security at the entrance. Forms also available at entrance