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Season 1 All-School Sports Assembly

Just before the break, RIS had a rousing assembly to celebrate and honor our many student athletes who participated in Season 1 RIS sports. 

From our youngest players on the many U11 teams to our seasoned Varsity athletes, all of the Season 1 sports teams were honored as they were introduced. Each team paraded through the center of Godbout Hall to the enthusiastic cheering and clapping of the rest of the school community. Mr. Todd was a passionate emcee whose energy and excitement generated a palpable buzz of team spirit. Although he was almost outdone by our vibrant and colorful mascot, the Phoenix, who really got the crowd going with his larger-than-life antics.

Our talented HS Jazz Band, directed by Ms. Claudia, played the first few songs as the U11 girls and boys basketball teams made the inaugural entrance, running down the center aisle with a few theatrics thrown in. Next up were the U13 boys and girls tennis and basketball teams, followed by the U15 girls and boys basketball teams, who made a more casual entrance (because, you know, they’re teenagers), but they also received a rousing applause.

The Junior Varsity boys and girls volleyball and soccer teams came next. Hot on their heels was the Varsity boys and girls cross-country and soccer teams. Our Varsity boys soccer team were runners-up in the SEASAC championships. We also learned that a few of our JV and Varsity team members are still in middle school, so these student athletes have a bright future ahead of them.

The penultimate group to be celebrated was the Varsity boys volleyball team. They placed 2nd at BISAC and SEASAC. They were also awarded the highly coveted Best Sportsmanship award at SEASAC. The final team to be celebrated was the Varsity girls volleyball. These committed and talented players won 1st place at both BISAC and SEASAC!

After each team reached the front of Godbout Hall, they gathered on the stage with their respective team members. By the end of the assembly, there was an impressively large group of RIS student athletes gathered with their dedicated and hard-working coaches. Mr. Todd thanked all of the athletes, coaches, and parents for their support and cheerleading. Here’s to a great second season of sports at RIS!