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Service Learning @ RIS

–By Ms.Shirley Gamble, Service Learning Coordinator–

This year we were very successful with integrating the school’s Principles of Phoenix of Heads, Hands, and Heart to show how we use our knowledge to become collaborative and resourceful students who help others in need.

Besides supporting Fr. Ray’s Children’s Village, Camillian Home for Children Living with Disabilities, and Sarnelli House, we also continued with our diaper drive for the House of Hope in Nongkhai, assisting Mahathai Sueksa Tha Bom in Loei, Colors of Cambodia, and the Children’s Improvement Organization in Siem Reap, which takes care of orphaned and abandoned children. This year we also helped with an additional big project to help a smaller branch of Baan Nok Khamin, located in Uthai Thani, that takes care of nine boys.

This year we promoted Global Goals #1 (No Poverty), #3 (Good Health & Well-Being), #4 (Quality Education), #9 (Innovation & Infrastructure), and #11 (Sustainable Communities) along with having fun, getting exercise, and building strength and endurance.

We hope you enjoy reading about our students’ projects and accomplishments in this edition of Ad Astra.

Annual RIS Walk/Run/Bike-a-thon

Our annual school-wide fundraiser took place in late November with participants donating 200 baht each to run or walk as many laps as possible in a set amount of time.

Although our original goal was to raise 150,000 baht, I am proud to say that we ended up raising 177,000 baht and were able to make donations to the following organizations:

•    Sarnelli House in Nong Khai:

         ◦       5,000 baht for diapers for babies and toddlers

         ◦       22,000 baht for daily necessities and first-aid supplies

•    Mahathai Sueksa Tha Bom in Loei:

         ◦    54,000 baht for 80 sets of school desks and chairs, and a new clinic space with basic first-aid supplies

         ◦    18,000 baht for 4 sets of bleachers for sports events

•    Camillian Home: 20,000 baht for Ensure Protein Powder for children with disabilities

•    MS Green Team: 10,000 for reforestation project

•    Fr. Ray’s Foundation: 25,000 baht for daily necessities

•    Colors of Cambodia Foundation: 6,500 baht + 10,000 baht from the Muse Club

•    Children’s Improvement Organization (a local orphanage in Siem Reap): 10,000 baht  + 10,000 baht from our Phoenix Swim Team for daily necessities