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Teacher Appreciation

Belated Teacher’s Day Celebration

In Thailand, National Teachers’ Day is traditionally celebrated each year on January 16. RIS was originally meant to celebrate Teacher’s Day on the 12th, but the ceremony was canceled when it was decided that the first week of the second semester would be held online.

Now that the community has returned onsite, the high school Student Council still made sure to show their appreciation for their teachers! On behalf of the student body, the student council organized a quick “make-up” Teacher’s Day pop-up station decked with ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’ cards, cupcakes and lemonade to the delight of grateful faculty passing by through the school breezeway.

Kudos to our Student Council and fellow RIS students for their thoughtfulness, kindness, and big hearts… and thank you to all our hardworking and dedicated teachers! Such moments are a true testament to the familial bonds of the RIS community!