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Service Learning & Values

Giving of one’s self to others—within the community and beyond—is a fundamental element of character development at RIS. Service learning is the backbone of RIS’ mission and its culture. Across every section of RIS, service is embedded in curricular and co-curricular activities. Service activities are based on several components, including how the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and our own Principles of Phoenix are met. Through this focus on service, students are encouraged to be open-minded and effective communicators who embrace diversity.

Given its affiliation with the Redemptorists of Thailand, RIS regularly supports Redemptorist Foundation projects such as the HDF Mercy Centre, Sarnelli House, and the Father Ray Foundation. Fundraisers are organized throughout the year to provide these organizations with educational materials, medical supplies, and everyday products. RIS students, faculty, and staff organize and take part in multiple community service outreach projects and creative activities to collect donations for these foundations in addition to several other local and regional charities and causes.

During their Christmas break, RIS high school students spent a weekend with the children of the Sarnelli House Foundation in Nong Khai, taking part in games, sharing gifts, and enjoying meals together. The RIS students brought donations (from the kids’ wish list of necessary items) and also presented a 50,000-baht check courtesy of the RIS drinking water project and the Together We Can Save the World Recycle Plastic campaign led by RIS Class of 2022 student Jinseok Thanisorn Park.

MS and HS students often embark on memorable trips devoted to community welfare, such as visiting children in orphanages, interacting with children and adults with physical or mental disabilities, and building with Habitat for Humanity. Some of these visits are arranged by the school, but many are student council initiatives, IB students working on CAS projects, or after-school clubs devoting their weekends to helping others. The LEO Club (Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity), for example, was a student-led initiative to promote community service projects, including visiting schools for the blind, homes for the elderly, and other underprivileged groups or children.

As a community dedicated to helping others in need, RIS has been an exemplar for other international schools for its contributions in the arena of service learning. RIS students are often deeply moved by their service learning projects and reflect on their experiences in their schoolwork and beyond. The school’s service learning program is one of the fundamental reasons why RIS students become compassionate, civic-minded, global citizens, many of whom, after graduating from RIS, go on to develop a lifetime commitment to helping others who are less fortunate.