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The Jeremiah Singers Tribute to Mr. Joe

RIS Jeremiah singers from the ‘90s and ‘00s recently gathered for a memorial concert event to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the passing of music teacher and choral director Mr. Jose Librodo, more famously known among his students as Mr. Joe. The event took place on Saturday, September 1, at White Café x Black, Thonglor, and was a fittingly artistic event, featuring musical performances and tributes from close friends, former colleagues, and, of course, Mr. Joe’s Jeremiah singers. A mini-exhibition of Mr. Joe’s paintings was also on display. 

The event was organized by Jeremiah singers Chanawee Suthibutr (Class of 2010), Kwan Srisukri (2010), Yu Chen Chiu (2010), Lucia Dieselberg (2006), Sally Wilin Iyarug (2006), John Teeraprasert (2003), and Kitiya Le Huu (1997).  Mr. Joe’s siblings, including world-renowned photographer and former RIS teacher Manny Librodo, were guests of honor. Also in attendance were Fr. Leo Travis, RIS School Chaplain, and Ms. Mars Sawatsewi, original founder of The Jeremiah Singers and close friend of Mr. Joe’s, who also spoke at the event. 

In an intimate and classy setting, RIS alumni and Mr. Joe’s close friends and former colleagues enjoyed a nostalgic and spontaneous afternoon filled with music, storytelling, art, tears and laughter. “I have honestly never known someone so loved and remembered by students, co-teachers, parents and friends,” said folk singer and RIS parent Wee Gee Mate Suthibutr. “The musical tributes for him were just touching and nostalgic. They made you miss him more!”

Additional former Jeremiah singers at the event included Kirat Kogar (Class of 2011), Mai Kaewkoon (2009), Phed Niyomsilp (2007), Akira Banno (2001), Dava Romyanond (1996), and Michael Sawatsewi (1996).

About The Jeremiahs: The Jeremiahs were a renowned choral group founded by Ms. Mars in 1971. Alumni such as Toon HiranyasapMaleewan JimenaLincy Fung, and Nicole Theriault, among others, are but a few of the nationally-acclaimed recording artists who were once Jeremiah singers. 

When RIS moved to Minburi in 1992, Mr. Joe took over the group and a new generation of Jeremiah singers was born. The Jeremiahs continued representing RIS with acclaimed performances at high-profile events well into the ’90s and ‘00s.