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Three Reasons Why Students Should Take the “AP English Language and Composition” Class

–By Thanakorn Pun Rojanasasitornwong–

Are you considering challenging yourself with a rigorous AP language course? Or is your child interested in taking an AP course? If so, you have come to the right place. While AP classes can seem intimidating and challenging for many students, it is worth looking beyond those concerns. As a student who has gone through an entire semester of AP English Language and Composition, my experience in the course has made me realize the perks and benefits of enrolling in this course. Prospective students, rest assured! Here are three important reasons why a high school student—like you—should take the AP English Language and Composition course:

1. Challenge yourself, be prepared for college English is the language of instruction in U.S. colleges; therefore, it is the foundation of all majors (e.g., computer science, lawyer, business) and your studies in the United States. If you ask any of the students enrolling in an AP English Language course, they would all agree that the course is very demanding. You will be tasked with writing many essays, taking extensive multiple-choice exams, and presenting a thoroughly researched speech analyzing another speech. Although this may sound like a negative aspect, it doesn’t have to be. The AP English course will foster you to step out of your comfort zone, develop critical-thinking skills, and learn effective time-management strategies necessary for success in college. Exposure to these challenges now will ensure that you will be able to handle college-level courses comfortably later.

2. Earn college credits, save money, be more flexible Working hard in an AP English Language course can pay off and earn you college credits. Most U.S. colleges accept AP credits, and you may be able to skip some introductory English courses in college, saving you both time and money! In other words, this would give you the option to enroll in other elective courses, join a club, or participate in a sport. At the same time, according to the Business Insider article “Here’s What a Single Course Costs…,” you could also be saving yourself up to $6,000!

3. Impress colleges and strengthen your transcript College admissions officers are looking for students who can handle college-level courses. By taking an AP English Language course, you can stand out among a competitive pool of applicants. Since most international students applying to U.S. colleges consider English their second language, a challenging AP English Language course shows colleges that you are ready for their rigorous curriculum. In addition to appealing to elite universities, RIS offers a special weighting for students taking Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Higher Level courses— a 4.5 point scale. Essentially, you could be earning a higher GPA and strengthening your transcript if you give your maximum effort in such a course.