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Virtual and Augmented Reality in Science Class

–By Paphasorn Chotjinda (Pair) & Tatpol Boonme (Team)–

In our grade 8 Science classes, we got the opportunity to learn science concepts through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality. Virtual and augmented reality shows us a 3D image that gives us a more in-depth view of what we are learning about. This type of learning combines hands-on aspects of learning with concepts, which are being made very clear through the images. With the virtual reality experiences, we can move our heads around and view the objects/images from different angles through the use of the VR headset. Augmented reality displays images by focusing a phone over a marker sheet.

We have studied fossils, rocks, and cells in great detail through the use of VR and AR. These technologies have allowed us to view exhibits in museums, visit archaeological sites, look at scientists doing their work with special tools, and examine the details of objects. All it requires is that students download an application on their smartphones. The whole process is then directed by the teacher in class. And we are the very first ones in the whole school to use this amazing technology!