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Welcoming Back the Class of 2001

The Class of 2001 arranged a half-day campus visit on December 8, 2017, as part of their first big reunion in 16 years. Ms. Shirley Gamble kindly arranged a series of activities for the visitors, including icebreaker games, a tour of the campus, and a screening of their 2001 Prom video. The alumni also partook in an ‘Amazing Race’ event where they relived key high-school moments, such as singing the national anthem at the flagpole, receiving a check-up at the clinic, filling out college application forms, and drawing diagrams for various science classes. Best of all, the visiting alumni were given an economics pop quiz from Mr. Tom Wash himself! The next day, 36 alumni from the Class of 2001 met up again for an evening of fun and nostalgia at BarSu at the Sheraton Grande.