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Welcome RIS Alumni! You are part of a diverse international family consisting of thousands of students, graduates, and former faculty and staff spanning sixty-plus years of RIS history.

The RIS alumni network is a vibrant, tight-knit community bonded by our affinity for our school. RIS alumni excel in their respective industries, collaborate on successful business endeavors with each other, raise families together, and remain the best of friends. Alumni Relations is looking at different ways of promoting school nostalgia and reconnecting alumni from different generations—with each other and with the school community as it is today.

There are always possibilities for reunions, networking, and collaborations, big or small. Here is where we will share news updates and features on exemplary alumni and their endeavors. Please bookmark us and keep checking in for regular updates.

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RIS ALUMNI 1973 – 1989

RIS ALUMNI 1990 – 1996

RIS ALUMNI 1997 – 2013