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Vision & Mission

The school seal portrays a globe with the initials RIS below it. The lines of longitude represent the international nature of the school. The impression of a church with a flag atop its roof signifies the Christian spirit of family love that has always characterized the school community, preparing RIS students to be good and responsible citizens of the world.

The school motto is engraved in the RIS Senior pin, which is shaped like a shield and bears the Latin words Ad Astra above the symbol of a cross and five stars. Translated “to the stars,” Ad Astra encourages every student to aim for the best, not only in their education but also in their personal and spiritual growth. 

The school colors are white and blue with a splash of red. As in the Thai National flag, these colors exemplify loyalty and patriotism with school spirit and moral inspiration.

Together with the senior gown, the pin is presented at the traditional Senior Convocation held at the beginning of each academic year, to impress upon each student the responsibilities that come along with the privileges of being a senior.

The school’s sports mascot is “The Phoenix,” a symbol of strength and excellence. In Egyptian mythology, the phoenix is a beautiful bird that consumes itself by fire every 500 years to rise anew from its ashes. 


Ruamrudee International School will be known globally as a hallmark of international education, nurturing intellectual development, moral character, and physical well-being, while fostering compassion through action and shaping the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. 


Ruamrudee International School is a Catholic school that provides an interfaith, inclusive, and academically rigorous education for students to be balanced, successful, and compassionate individuals. 


  • Creative
  • Critical thinkers
  • Open-minded
  • Effective communicators
  • Collaborative
  • Resourceful
  • Embrace diversity
  • Lead happy and healthy lives
  • Help others