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High School

Ad Astra­— “to the stars”­—is engraved on the RIS Senior pin­­—a reminder to every RIS student to aim for the best, not only in their education but also in their personal and spiritual growth.


The academic program in the high school (HS) at RIS is dedicated to preparing students for success at the university level and beyond. The focus is on our mission to graduate “successful, balanced, and compassionate individuals.” Courses and lessons are structured to make sure students are engaged, challenged, and guided to become independent learners. The RIS high school counseling office works closely with students to prepare them for admission to higher education facilities. RIS students and alumni have had a consistently impressive record of matriculating to the world’s top colleges and universities. 


RIS’ college-preparatory curriculum allows students to identify and develop their individual interests throughout their high school years. With a 1:1 laptop program and diverse learning platforms, students are empowered to develop and hone the skills they need as the world moves towards the future—namely critical thinking, collaboration, digital literacy, innovation, and technological fluency. 

Based on an American curriculum, high school courses are adapted and enriched to serve our international student population. Students in grades 9 and 10 build a strong foundation in the fundamental subjects: English, mathematics, science, and social studies, with additional courses providing balance and creating a diverse learning experience for each student. These include physical education, the arts, values, additional modern languages, and a range of enticing electives. In grades 11 and 12, students continue to build their knowledge base by choosing from a broad selection of advanced courses—currently 47 IB classes and 17 AP classes—as well as an array of general courses and electives. As one of only a handful of schools in Southeast Asia to offer students both Advanced Placement (AP) classes and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program, RIS students continue to achieve top IB and AP results, not only in Thailand but far exceeding world averages.

In combination with its focus on academics, the high school at RIS continues to emphasize character education and a commitment to global citizenship and responsibility. Beyond the classroom, the majority of students choose to participate in competitive athletic programs, performing and visual arts, academic competitions in various subject areas, and diverse clubs, many of which focus on community service. Ultimately, the high school experience at RIS centers on developing the attributes and achievements that each student needs to meet his or her goals and aspirations. 

College Counseling

The RIS high school counseling office advocates that students learn as much about himself or herself as possible before researching colleges. Students are encouraged to consult the school’s AP and IB coordinators for information on Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Program courses. For general college and career planning, students are assisted by their High School Counselor. RIS’ Thai College Counselor is also available for advice specific to Thai universities. 

Students’ individual personalities, skills, and ambitions help set them apart from their peers and are central to their college applications. To reach their goals and potential, students are encouraged to find the college that “fits best” and to use all of the assets made available by their counselor and the resources of the counseling office in general. Each year, more than 200 colleges and universities worldwide visit the RIS campus to recruit our students. RIS students have been recognized for their individuality and academic excellence, often cited by colleges as “hard-working, intelligent, and a pleasure to get to know.” 

High School College Fair