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Graduates Gallery

This is the official database of RIS graduates from 1965 to the present day. Almost 6,000 graduate names and yearbook portraits have been archived here. Portraits up to the Class of 2012 were culled from pre-existing yearbooks and are presented as they were published. Pictures have been edited and restored yet stray marks and blemishes may remain. These are unintentional and are the result of the original print publications of the times.

Alumni graduates have been listed here by year and alphabetically by their most commonly-known first names during RIS.  Surnames used are as they were then. Please note that if the alumni was not an RIS graduate then their name and portrait would not be in this gallery. 

We value the privacy of our alumni, so in order to view the gallery, you are required to use a password. To obtain this, please write to us at To visit the gallery and enter the password, please click here.  

We also welcome you to share any thoughts, concerns, suggestions or corrections with RIS Alumni Relations and look forward to hearing from you. 

Browse through the galleries by year to recall forgotten names and faces. Use the search engine to put a face to a name. Enjoy your trip down memory lane, RIS alumni!